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Sports Recovery

Varichrome™ Pro

Proven therapy that prompts the body to heal.

Introducing the Varichrome™Pro

The Varichrome™ Pro helps the practitioner promote their patient's return to wellness via personalized therapy. It's like having hundreds of single-output devices.

Easy to use

  • The practitioner personalizes the therapy by adjusting the settings during therapy.

  • The practitioner stimulates the body's attention systems via the Varichrome™ therapy.

  • The patient attempts to move normally for their stage of recovery while the beam is on.

  • The adjunctive therapy accelerates the healing process.

The practitioner now has access to wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum. The gentle beam of selected photons prompts the return of balance and normal healing.

The Basics

Sports recovery may be accelerated by bringing the body's attention to the injured spot(s) via the Varichrome Pro. Wavelengths in the red spectrum are the most studied.

However, the precise underlying impaired functions are likely not known. Impairments such inflammation, muscle knots, and strains may be present in different combinations. The Varichrome™ Pro let's the practitioner efficiently test different wavelengths to find one's that patient needed.


Think coordination rather than relaxation

Many therapies aim to prompt relaxation. That's great for releasing muscles.


The Varichrome™ Therapy aims to prompt the return of coordinated movements. 2 visits are generally enough to learn if the specific impairment may be addressed.

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Like with other therapies, you have to try it to learn if the patient responds. The practitioner can now test 1000s of combinations in minutes. That's efficiency. Only with the Varichrome™ Pro.