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Recovery of Comfort

Varichrome® Pro

Proven therapy that prompts the body to heal.

Introducing the Varichrome® Pro

The Varichrome® Pro helps the practitioner promote their patient's return to wellness via personalized therapy. It's like having hundreds of single-output devices.

Easy to use

  • The practitioner personalizes the therapy by adjusting the settings during therapy.

  • The practitioner stimulates the body's attention systems via the Varichrome™ therapy.

  • The patient may feel a lessening of coldness in their fingers or toes.

  • The therapy prompts the body to resume its ordinary functioning.

The practitioner now has access to wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum. The gentle beam of selected photons prompts the return of balance and normal healing.

The Basics

You may be familiar with the loss of sensation and stiffness of your hands when kept in cold water. Imagine what you might feel like if your hands or feet didn’t warm up or you had the constant sensation of coldness.

Some report feelings like holding ice or being burned by a blow torch. Others report a dull but constant ache. Warming their hands in warm water or wax may provide temporary relief.

Varichrome® therapy prompts the body to resume its ordinary functioning. That means that comfortable temperatures resume to end the need for pain.


This chart shows the utility of different wavelength ranges documented over the past 150 years. However, the healing systems work like customers at a buffet restaurant by taking the wavelengths they need, one or a few at a time.

In feasibility studies, thermal imaging recordings helped to refine the settings. "Raymond" was surprised that his hands could resume their ordinary cooling / rewarming cycles.

"Raymond" was athletic and a runner, yet his hands felt cold most of the time. He was self-conscious of the coldness and avoided touching people.

He could hardly believe that the his hands had come back online. His co-workers were happy too because he stopped turning up the room temperature in the summer.

WarmingHandsWithChart - 2022.jpg

In feasibility studies, thermal imaging let the practitioners “see”  the skin temperature to know when the therapy “worked”. The time in the cold state doesn’t seem to limit the body’s ability to return to normal functioning (R2N).

Not Everyone Responds to the Therapy

The Varichrome® Therapy aims to prompt the return of ordinary sensory functioning and healing. 2 visits are generally enough to learn if the specific impairment may be addressed.

2022_Efficient 222B.png

For the hands-on practitioner, the Varichrome® Pro is an adjunctive tool to accelerate healing. The initial responses usually occur during the 1st or 2nd visit. Additional visits may be needed to maximize or refresh improvements.

Like with other therapies, you have to try it to learn if the patient responds. The practitioner can now test 1000s of combinations in minutes. That's efficiency.


Only with the Varichrome®  Pro.


The Basics
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