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The Lending Library Project

Relieves pain endured by people who live in remote, rural, and underserved communities.


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Dear Community,

We care deeply about improving lives. Helping even one person feel better affects their whole community.


Problem: new technologies usually roll out in well-resourced communities. However, people in low-resource communities have the same need for pain relief.

Solution: we have formed a team with two parts: our technology built to help people and a non-profit designed to deliver technologies to underserved people.


This project extends PhotoMed’s ongoing commitment to serving people who endure chronic pain and impaired functioning.  One Varichrome Pro may prompt relief for 100 people in one year, if a practitioner serves only 2 people per week.

Individuals, companies, places of worship, organizations, and family foundation donors may suggest communities that they would like us to get connected with. Which communities would you like to receive our technology?

With much appreciation,


Allan Gardiner

PhotoMed Technologies, Founder


We have formed a team with two parts:

  • a technology built to restore people’s lives

  • a non-profit designed to deliver technologies to people.

Our partnership with the non-profit fiscal sponsor

L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope was founded in 2012 with a Mission to offer all individuals, regardless of their economic or social status, the opportunity and support to cope, heal, and grow with dignity.

The PhotoMed Technologies Project (we call it the Lending Library) is a program of L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope (Sponsor), a nonprofit charity exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and which is not a private foundation because it is described in Sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(a)(vi). The Sponsor retains complete control and discretion of the use of contributions that it receives.

5 Ways to Participate

1) Tell your friends and practitioners about new ways to reduce pain.

2) Write a tax-deductible check payable to L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope. In the memo line, please include FBO (For the Benefit Of)  PhotoMed Technologies Project in order to designate the donation to this project.


Mail to:  696 San Ramon Valley Blvd. No. 194 Danville, CA 94526.

3) Contribute via this PayPal Link by clicking on or using the QR code:

Please use the Contact Form to let us thank you for your donation. (The PayPal button donates directly to the Sponsor without attribution.)

PayPal QR Code.png

Please contact Allan Gardiner 510-541-9830 to arrange a transfer by:

  • 4) Transfer by ACH or wire transfer.

  • 5) Fund via Quickbooks.

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Thanks for being part of our community


Thank you for joining PhotoMed's team to improve the lives of people with treatment-resistant chronic pain and impaired functioning. Together we can help practitioners serve people who would otherwise be left out for lack of access. This plan has been a driving force since I founded PhotoMed Technologies in 2000.

The practitioners and their patients will be welcomed to share stories about how your donations improved their lives.

The Lending Library Project won’t happen without outside funding.


Even a small donations make a difference.


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