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Varichrome® Relaxation Mask

With no missing wavelengths!

Step into a Varichrome® World

Experience real wavelengths, like rainbow-pure colors. Find your favorite color and let it soak in.

Mask with Strap Yellow.jpg
Mask with Strap Green.jpg

Start with automated sweeping of the wavelength throughout the visible spectrum.

Guide your own experience as you adjust the real wavelengths and frequencies of the light. Find your favorite and bathe your visual system.


Melt away visual stress from hours viewing simulated colors from conventional RGB televisions, computer screens, and virtual reality goggles.

Adjust the frequency to experience your unique responses with patterns and shapes reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. You can "watch" as you experience about 20 visual processing centers hum with activity.

Like going to the gym, relaxation follows exercise. Users report a sense of improved brightness, contrast, and colors after only a few minutes. Typical sessions last 10 to 15 minutes

A few details

Wellness centers and spas help clients reduce their visual stress and strain. Add the Mask's visual stimulation and relaxation to your center's menu of experiences. Let clients enjoy the synergy of relaxation via the Mask along with an otherwise boring wellness experience.

The Varichrome® Relaxation Mask delivers visible light (430-690nm) to your visual systems, a few wavelengths at a time. Importantly, with no missing wavelengths!

Disclaimer: the Relaxation Mask isn't intended to diagnose or treat any disease or disorder. Exercise and relaxation are important for maintaining wellness. The Mask should be used with caution by people having eye or vision disorders or sensitive to flickering light.

Who needs it?

The varying wavelengths gently stimulate and relax multiple visual processing systems. The non-focusing environment enhances relaxation.

1. Nearly everyone who has eyes but doesn't get outdoors enough.

2. People who spend time using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, or other RGB screens until feeling tired or stressed.

3. People who feel that their eyes are working too hard. They may blame aging but even kids are told by ophthalmologists to spend more time outdoors.


4. Anyone looking for exercises for the vision system.

Mask Oblique.jpg

5. Users of VR or augmented reality headsets having an "infinity focus" lens system. One source of stress and fatigue comes from the decoupling of the eye focusing and angle changes from the simulated distance.

Real wavelengths and RGB simulations

The Relaxation Mask presents the real wavelengths that sweep through portions of the visible spectrum. Mask Setting W7 spans the visible spectrum for 5 minutes.


Or, the user can experience a self-guided tour of the visible spectrum while adjusting the "blinking"frequency and/or the rate of wavelength changing.

Either way, the real wavelengths fill in the gap between the 3 wavelengths that let RGB simulate pure colors. "Campfire" yellow orange is missing while the RGB simulation presents the eyes with about equal intensities of green and red.  Our perception may be fooled by RGB but other biological process may be left wanting visible wavelengths available in the outdoors and in the Mask.

Upper panel: the real wavelengths from the Mask continuously sweep across the spectrum. The static blue, green, and red peaks show the wavelengths present in a typical RGB screen. PhotoMed's yellow range (580nm) is missing from the RGB simulation.


Lower panel: the relative intensities of the blue. green, and red wavelengths. simulations work by varying the relative intensities of the red, green, and blue peaks.

In Summary

The Mask and Varichrome Pro provide a unique experience of wavelengths and frequencies in a relaxing, non-focusing environment.

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