Stories From People Who Tried PhotoMed's Therapy


Kristin Overcame Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Kristin had complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS or RSD) and was not expected to improve. It rendered her unable to function at her job as a nurse, and without enough energy to enjoy recreational time with her family.

With gratitude for PhotoMed's tools, Kristin could return to the career she loved and then some! She resumed her good life. To see a joyful video clip of her 12 years after her therapy worked to end her CRPS. (1:53)

“The pain was like somebody hitting me with a sledgehammer....

[Now], I have grandchildren and I play with them without limitations.”

— Kristin


Jerry Overcame Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy


Jerry is a cancer survivor who had neuropathy in his feet that began after 2 years of chemotherapy. The neuropathy spread to his hands as well. For years he was in pain and lacked the energy and dexterity to do home projects with this family.

After trying PhotoMed's therapy, he experienced profound relief. Jerry was able to paint a room in his home and felt like he was back to being himself again. He also describes that protective temperature returned to his hands after his second visit. (2:56)

"There was no way that I was going to encounter painting a room..."

[Now}, I was more the way I used to be."


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