The Varichrome® Pro

The Varichrome® Pro


The Varichrome® Pro helps the practitioner promote their patient's return to wellness via personalized therapy. It's like having hundreds of single output devices.

Easy to use

  • The practitioner personalizes the therapy by adjusting the settings during therapy.

  • The Varichrome® Pro selectively emits 270 wavelengths, a few at a time, with no missing wavelengths. (430-700nm)

  • The Varichrome Pro can automatically vary the wavelength during therapy to increase the likelihood of prompting relief.

  • Adjust the frequency from continuous to 500Hz.

The pre-programmed selections aim to prompt the return to normal healing. For example, #1 (deep red) has been found to be useful for reducing inflammation. 

  • Additional Information

    The Varichrome Pro comes with a 1-year warranty. Contact PhotoMed Technologies for an extended warranty.

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