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The Varichrome® Pro

Photobiomodulation that prompts the body to heal itself

No missing wavelengths


The Varichrome® Pro helps patients who remain underserved by current technologies.

Fine Tune The Therapy to Help Patients Resume Life

The outcomes speak for themselves. The therapy prompts healing to advance the patient along their journey to wellness.

The body heals itself: the Varichrome® Pro prompts a restart or an acceleration of healing.

The Varichrome® Pro selectively emits photons that vary in wavelength (precise rainbow colors) during therapy.


The practitioner can now efficiently find the wavelengths that meet the individual patient's needs to resume healing.

Image by Matteo Vistocco





Helping the body resume its ordinary functioning


Feedback Guided Therapy

Now a single device lets the practitioner efficiently tailor the therapy to meet their patient’s needs.

2 visits are usually enough to learn if the injury will respond, or not, to the Varichrome® therapy. Relief may be temporary - the aim is to prompt the return to normal functioning.


Let Physiology Work for You

The defining characteristic of life itself, healing, is the ability to detect and respond to small changes in the environment.

It’s no secret that a varying stimulus catches the body’s interest. The response to a varying stimulus increases over time.

The unexpected stimulation via varying wavelengths draws attention to the different tissues. The effect is like a symphony on the skin.

The return to normal outcome includes the re-coordination of associated functions. Cold hands warm, frozen shoulders thaw, and sensations come back “online”.

Drawing Attention to a Stimulus.jpg

Precise Versatility

Now, a single device lets practitioners tailor therapy to help patients underserved by their current technologies.


The Varichrome® Pro has 7 Preset Selections that make it easy to document what “works” for the individual impairment addressed. One preset sweeps the entire spectrum, a few wavelengths at a time.

Visible spectrum labeled with anti-microbial, Nerve Stimulation, Relaxation, Wound Healing, and Inflammation

General uses of wavelengths from studies over the past 150 years.

Feeding the healing systems

Our indoor lives and screen time limit the amount of light and certain wavelengths that make it more challenging for our bodies to harvest the photonic energy that helps power healing.

For example, wavelengths in the yellow and yellow-orange range are missing from RGB screens; a campfire emits lots of yellow and yellow-orange light (~570-620nm) but few RGB screens emit many of those healing rays.


That is, a gorgeous campfire on your OLED screen doesn't feed your eyes with rays like from an actual campfire.


It's not just your eyes but also your skin that does not receive the all of the precise wavelengths that it needs for optimal healing.

The Varichrome® Pro selectively emits all visible wavelengths, a few at a time. Each photon delivers its quantum of energy and information.


However, it is the healing systems that select which wavelength photons to absorb.

An Analogy

Would you go to restaurant that serves only one dish that is really great if it's the meal that you want but...?​

The body's healing systems work like customers at a buffet restaurant; each carefully selects the wavelengths wanted (one or a few) to get on with their ordinary healing tasks.

With the Varichrome® Pro, the healing systems have a much larger selection to choose from.

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Varichrome® Pro Specifications

Maximum Portability

A swappable external battery pack provides 6 hrs. of operation.



170 x 90 x 45mm in size and weighing less than 1kg.

Impact / Water Resistance

Engineered to withstand the rigors of a busy office.

Sweep Frequency Control

Color variations within the selected spectrum range can be 0 to 500 Hz.

Intensity Control

Maximum brightness is about the intensity of sunlight.

Wavelength Control

The wavelength varies continuously across pre-set ranges or steadily via manual selection. No missing wavelengths.

7 Pre-Set Programs

7 pre-set selections based upon 20-years of studies plus a fully-manual setting that allows supports for complete personalization to the patient.

Specifications subject to change without notice

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