Can PhotoMed’s algoritmhm restart non-healing wounds?


Of the 6 million slow- or non-healing wounds in the US, about half of the complex chronic wounds won’t heal. (Wound Healing Society)

When would you expect to observe healing in a non-healing wound?

PhotoMed’s Vari-Chrome™ Pro prompt a restart of non-healing wounds. Not all wounds resume healing, of course.

Practitioners report observing fresh exudates enter moist wounds during the first or second 2-minute treatment. The restart typically becomes visible as some wavelengths and not at others.

Once restarted, patients report that their regular treatments has started working to the surprise of their care giver.

PhotoMed's team recently integrated a 4k x HDR-monochrome camera into the Instant Feedback Platform™. The Platform is now ready for documenting, in real-time, the changes in wounds by a researcher wishing to write a groundbreaking paper.


PhotoMed’s tools and data from its IRB studies can save time and money for future pioneers. PhotoMed’s 18-years of recorded data invite and can help answer fundamental, never-before asked, questions. We’ll share some of our recorded data with an NDA.


Diabetes Facts:

  • 1/2 billion people endure diabetes around the world

  • 30 million in the US have diabetes

  • About 1/2 with diabetes will ultimately develop neuropathy with degrees of loss of sensation, and non-healing wounds

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of amputations in the US

  • PhotoMed's Instant Feedback System™ reveals the return of sensation lost to diabetes and the restart of non-healing wounds.