Who We Are


We are a group of people that aims to improve lives. PhotoMed Technologies algorithms aim to restore, rather than manage, impaired functions that end treatment-resistant pain. PhotoMed’s systems and devices enable practitioners to efficiently personalize the outcome-driven therapy.


Allan Gardiner

CEO and Founder who solves medical impossibilities from a Silicon Valley perspective: create algorithms with feedback that achieve new outcomes.

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Steve Gerhardt

Software Engineer who thinks and dreams in code. We’re fortunate that Steve gives the Instant Feedback System™ unique capabilities for prompting and documenting non-longer rare events.

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Tai Huynh

Program Manager who translates the chaos of needs for developing PhotoMed’s algorithm into specifications for writing software code that defines the capabilities and user experience.

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Jake Gardiner

Vice-president who brings organizational skills needed to run the development of algorithms that address previously unknown problems.


Jeff Brown

Electronics Engineer who never got asked to make weird electronics that he couldn’t build. The Vari-Chrome® Pro condenses years of development into a small package.


Lynn Gardiner

Advisor and coach who provides nerdy engineers with a people-centered perspective.





Catherine Willner M.D.

Medical Advisor

Benjamin Borson, PhD

Scientific Advisor


Rani Shifron

Coach and Advisor

William Conard, M.D.

Medical Advisor

Barry Linder, M.D., MS

Business Advisor


Jean-Louis Lauront

Overseas Business Development