Vari-Chrome Pro

For visionary practitioners who may wish to add a new dimension to their practice.


The Vari-Chrome® Pro provides photons having variable quantum properties. The therapeutic aim is to prompt the return back to normal function by delivering the right sequence of photon properties needed by the patient.

We call the basic method the “quantum normalization therapy” (QNT) for its inputs and outcomes. Maybe this seems weird. But what is weird about the body returning to normal?

Triple 2 Algorithm

PhotoMed’s software and hardware engineers developed systems to prompt and record unexpected events. Re-examination of many events led to a more efficient therapy. The TIME needed to determine success, or failure for each 2-minute treatment worked like a mini n-of-1 study. The algorithm incrementally improved and refined the programmed settings for the Vari-Chrome® Pro and other PhotoMed devices.


The algorithm suggests quantum properties for starting PhotoMed’s therapy based upon symptoms. Failure to respond suggests stepping to the next most likely settings. Programmed selections simplify operation. A manual mode lets the operator make and vary the wavelength properties.

What everyone’s waiting for

When it works, it happens fast. Actually, in zero time according to quantum physics. After that event, it might take the practitioner a few minutes to observe the patient’s back to normal response. It might take the patient hours to recognize pain relief.