Other Contributors


1) Tell the world that relief is coming for people who endure chronic pain and limited function that does not respond as expected to previous technologies.


2) PhotoMed’s Team thanks the volunteers and practitioners who helped us test and improve PhotoMed's therapy. Many asked how they might help someone else find relief from unresponsive chronic pain and functional impairment.

Your contributions to PhotoMed will help our team communicate and support future pioneers. Our 18-years of recordings invite and can help answer new questions. Please see our Donors page.


3) We welcome corporate and organizational sponsors to make the Lending Library Project a success.

Consult your advisors about sponsorship of the Lending Library Project.

Please contact Allan Gardiner at allan@photomedtech.com or (510) 541-9830 to discuss how your company can receive visibility for your part in helping practitioners serve their communities and how you would like to share information about your community involvement.