A new branch of medicine?



Real-time data from the Instant Verification System links treatment settings with responses and outcomes. The data were collected without the bias of a hypothesis which makes it suitable for machine learning and AI.

Machine learning

PhotoMed’s team started with a problem. They wondered, is it 1, 2, or a sequence of of different quantum energy photons that might “work” to relieve pain that won’t quit?

The team developed tools that might find the answer. The result is the Triple 2 Algorithm.


Is it quantum biology?

Our expensive advisory anesthesiologists and neurologists tried to explain the unexpected events to the nerdy engineers. Unfortunately, the advisors found that the switch from a chronic state back-to-normal function occurs too quickly for conventional explanations.


The switch appears to occur in quantum time. Zero time. But zero time feels unbelievable, so we call it two seconds.

Could quantum biology, by elimination, offer the only possible explanation?