The Lending Library Project


PhotoMed Technologies introduces a lending library which will lend its pain relief tools to practitioners in rural and remote areas at no charge.

The Lending Library Project continues PhotoMed’s commitment to serve people who endure pain that has not responded to treatment. The Lending Library Project will serve people in pain who live in rural or remote areas by providing practitioners PhotoMed’s versatile pain-relief tools at no charge. The project will enable each tool to efficiently serve several communities.

Tax deductible donations made through the L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope 501c(3) organization will enable the the Lending Library to lend its tools at no charge. Our funding goal of $300, 000 makes it possible to establish the Lending Library and develop its first 20 tools for lending. Additional generous funding will help the Library lend a variety of non-invasive tools.

Even small donations, such as $20 to $100, will help the Lending Library Project achieve its goals.

Together, we can begin lending the first tools in Q1-2019. Our goal is to build a lending inventory of 20 tools. We welcome organizations, companies, and individuals to sponsor a tool.

One tool can ease pain for 100 people per year at only two per week. Imagine the 1000s with their pain eased by 20 or 100 tools!

As part of this project, the Lending Library staff will achieve the following outcomes:

1. We will increase the access to tools in remote and rural communities to enable practitioners to care for their underserved patients. We will also build a database of the number of participants, frequency of use, and the disorders treated. In 2019, we plan to lend 20 tools.

2. We will relieve pain for people who have not responded to previous attempts, using a versatile research-based tool to prompt healing and address specific areas of pain. Surveys from participants reporting on their experience will help guide future research and care. In 2019, we plan to serve 1000 people.

3. We will spread hope for people who endure chronic pain by collecting and sharing stories and testimonials from participants using social media by connecting 60 communities through shared experiences.


Collaborating for a Cause


Beginning in 2000, PhotoMed Technologies’ founder, Allan Gardiner, and his family funded PhotoMed to solve pain and impairments endured by their friends and neighbors. They focused on pain for which nothing works to improve the quality of life. The company’s first products are headed to market in early 2019.


Unfortunately, even great market success will likely leave underserved communities without access to its non-invasive therapy.

They teamed up with the L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope to build a path forward for the people who live in rural, remote, or low-resource communities.

Your support will pave the way to a better future for thousands of people, their families, and communities.



How can we deliver care to communities beyond conventional reach?

The spirit of PhotoMed Technologies is to relieve pain and improve functions. That includes people who traditionally lack access to new technologies. So how can PhotoMed's therapy reach those who are truly off the map?

Inspired by tool lending libraries across the nation, the Lending Library Project will lend PhotoMed’s tools to practitioners at no charge to bring these resources to under-served people where they live. Even small donations will help us lend our first tools in Q1-2019.

To achieve this goal, we teamed up with Haven of Hope. Their gracious fiscal sponsorship enables them to accept tax-deductible donations of any amount to help bring The Lending Library Project to fruition.



How to Support this Project?

Please accept the gratitude of the people whose lives you touch by supporting the Lending Library Project. With full funding, the project can become an independent organization in a year. Donations made to L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope are tax-deductible!

Please use the Contact PhotoMed Technologies Form below to let the staff at PhotoMed know about your donation and whom it may be honoring. Please let PhotoMed’s team know the outcome if you or someone you know participated in a PhotoMed study.

Donate by Check

Save fees by making your check payable to "L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope"
Mail to: 696 San Ramon Valley Blvd. No. 194, Danville, CA 94526.
Memo line: Please Include FBO (For the Benefit Of) “Lending Library Project”.


Donate via PayPal

This project is an activity of L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope and is made possible by your tax-deductible donations. 

Please enter "Library Project" in the PayPal notes to direct your donation to the Project!


Contact PhotoMed Technologies Form

Please let PhotoMed’s staff know about your donation and whom it may be honoring. You can use this form to share your story with us about your experience in a PhotoMed sponsored study and how any improvements lasted.

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Sponsor a Tool

We welcome individuals, organizations, and companies to get involved by generously funding access to tools to practitioners, researchers, and organization who may share their passion for addressing a specific disorder.

Please contact PhotoMed's founder, Allan Gardiner, via the Contact PhotoMed Technologies Form below to discuss details of the project. Wire transfers are accepted.


Meet the Sponsor

The Lending Library Project Sponsor - L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope

Darcelle Lahr, Ed.D. founded L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope to honor her parents by enabling groundbreaking social entrepreneurs to restore dignity to people's lives. PhotoMed's founder, Allan Gardiner, and his family thank Dr. Lahr for the means to let the public help improve the quality of life for the underserved neighbors.

Please use the Contact PhotoMed Technologies Form to contact Allan Gardiner for details.



The L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope retains control and discretion over the contributions it receives. The FBO memo will assure the funds are directed to the Lending Library Project.

The Lending Library Project is an activity of The L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope, that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as described in Sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(a)(vi)



Please use the Contact PhotoMed Technologies From to begin discussing details of the project.