­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Have you ever watched healing resume?

What does the science say?

We don’t understand how a few photons could prompt so many beneficial outcomes. Our advisory anesthesiologists and neurologists remain puzzled by the responses and outcomes. What do you think?

There are some problems:

After therapy ends, unabsorbed photons from PhotoMed’s Vari-Chrome® Pro leave the body at the speed of light. They aren’t there to maintain benefits or to cause side effects. How long does the placebo effect last?

Is it one, two, or a sequence of photons of different wavelengths? The algorithm helps with wavelength selections. The body does the work. Your patient doesn’t care which photonic sequence worked for them, or didn’t.

Wouldn’t you expect opioids, surgeries, and implanted devices to have a stronger placebo effect than a few visible photons?

Could the placebo effect prompt the return of innate functions considered by everyone to be impossible ?

PhotoMed’s Instant Feedback System™ is like a video referee. It lets everybody re-examine what happened and when. Someday, others may find out why and how.

Software and hardware prompt and record impaired functions as they return toward their default state.

The System tracks the steps taken to achieve results, or not.

The hardware is very basic. The software does the heavy lifting.



Do I need the Instant Feedback System?

No. You can implement the new algorithm using only the Vari-Chrome™ Pro.

The Instant Feedback System™ does not give you better outcomes. Thermal imaging provides feedback before the patient with abnormal skin temperatures can realize changes, so you save time. Patients typically report pain relief later than practical for decision making. The hi-def wound camera documents previously unseen phenomena in non-healing wounds that occur during the first few minutes of therapy.

The recordings let others examine the what and when that is missed with before/after photography.

The System documents what you achieved during the visit. Your patient might appreciate seeing the precise millisecond when their impaired function began the return toward its default state. And, your patients with treatment-resistant pain don’t have to defend themselves from their disbelieving friends about the outcome of your procedure.

The System takes away some older patient’s predispositions that you are a miracle worker and saves you time by not having to explain which deity you are channeling.

A middle-aged woman's persistently cold hands warm. The algorithm tested different wavelengths and other settings. All treatments were fully active and intended to prompt warming. This was her first visit. She later reported continuing comfort and better sleeping.

Thermal imaging provides continuous real-time data about vascular system changes. Monitoring temperatures may be appropriate for patient’s with abnormal skin temperatures. Thermal imaging presents only temperatures and does NOT show pain or other abnormalities. The images are not for diagnosing disorders.

The video camera provides a means for continuous recording of during-visit changes in the sensory and motor systems achieved through intermittent testing.

For example:

  • A “frozen” shoulder thaws in minutes, not hours

  • Numb fingers or feet suddenly feel again

You as the operator may notice a flinch, a gasp, or spontaneous remark at the moment when the response begins.

The wound camera is integrated with the Vari-Chrome® Pro to provide a continuous recording of possible fresh exudates entering the wound. Fresh exudates in moist wounds frequently become visible within the first few minutes of therapy. Healing may restart without signs of fresh exudates.


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