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How It Works

Varichrome Pro

Proven therapy that prompts the body to heal.

Introducing the Varichrome™ Pro

The Varichrome® Pro helps the practitioner promote their patient's return to wellness via personalized therapy. It's like having hundreds of single output devices.

Easy to use

  • The practitioner personalizes the therapy by adjusting the settings during therapy.

  • The Varichrome Pro selectively emits 270 wavelengths, a few at a time, with no missing wavelengths. (430-690nm)

  • The Vari-Chrome Pro can automatically vary the wavelength during therapy to increase the likelihood of prompting relief.

  • Adjust the frequency from continuous to 500Hz.

7 pre-programmed selections aim to prompt the return to normal healing. For example, #1 (deep red) has been found to be useful for reducing inflammation.

Photons from the Varichrome® Pro gently stimulate the skin with ever-changing wavelengths of visible light. The body responds by resuming basic functions that are the foundations for wellness.

Wellness involves the coordination among the basic functions:

   · sensory

   · motor

   · skin-temperature regulation.


The therapy, like many non-invasive therapies, prompts the body to complete its healing tasks. One goal may be to “unstick” a “stuck” basic function or healing. Such as from a “plateau” in the progress after an injury.

These basic functions ordinarily cycle “off” and “on” or modulate like the room temperature controlled by a thermostat. Thermal imaging lets the practitioner "see" skin temperature. Practitioners don't need thermal imaging because the patient can tell you that they can feel the coldness leaving.

Hands that had persisted uncomfortably cold for years resumed their normal modulation after the variable-wavelength therapy.

WarmingHandsWithChart - 2022.jpg
How it works

Similarly, the practitioner can objectively determine that therapy is working for the sensory and motor systems.

How Does The Therapy Work?

The short answer:

The body heals itself; the therapy prompts a restart.

Speculation, of course, the photons stimulate the skin with ever-changing signals and the brain responds.


The process shares similarities with touch and hearing. The brain, nervous system, and skin or ears are "tuned" to simultaneously detect and respond to a myriad of different signals. For example, unexpectedly hearing your name at a football game or intentionally attempting to talk with another person in a crowded room. It's the task of bodily systems to improve communications.

Bringing attention to an injured site on the skin might prompt the completion of tasks that had been stalled for years. Some patients report that the feeling is like when they find their lost glasses.

Finally, would the return to normal functioning be noticed if it happened at the right time?

Image by Thomas Serer

Could a 1-minute video be worth 10,000 words?

  • 5 pre-programmed ranges cover portions of the spectrum found to help the body improve impaired functions.

  • Like everything in medicine, you have try it to learn if it will "work" for the individual patient.​

  • Varying the wavelength during therapy efficiently improves the likelihood of prompting the body to resume healing.​

  • The practitioner monitors for a physiological response during therapy. Reports of pain relief often arrive later.​

  • The Vari-Chrome Pro is not commercially available yet. Contact PhotoMed for details.

One minute video
Image by Bermix Studio

2 Visits to Learn If The Therapy Might "Work"

The real-time data and recordings from 7 feasibility studies across 5 states helped to make the therapy more efficient.

Today, 2 visits without any response or relief are typically enough to suggest that it is time to try a different therapy.

2021_Efficient 222B.webp
2 visits

What Makes the Vari-Chrome® Pro So Versatile?

Could the variability of the stimulation be more like a video than a still image?

The Vari-Chrome® Pro selectively emits photons with wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum (430-700nm), a few wavelengths at a time.

With no missing wavelengths.

Its analog controls let the practitioner vary the wavelength and frequency during therapy.

  • 7 Pre-programmed selections:

  1. #1-5 span the visible spectrum

  2. #6 yellow

  3. #7 spans 440-680nm

  • Adjustable-rate of wavelength variation in programmed selections: 4 - 26nm/second

  • Manual range: 430-700nm

  • Frequency: continuous to 1000Hz

  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 6.6 x 3.5 x 1.8 inches (Control unit w/o knobs)

  • Weight: <2 lbs

  • Charging Supply: 12VDC @ 18Watts,  charging time ~ 4hrs.

  • Operating time: 45min @ max intensity

  • Working distance and diameter: 1.5 inches, 1.5 inches

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