­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Could quantum biology relieve your “nothing worked” pain?


PhotoMed’s Vari-Chrome® Pro gives the patient efficient access to sequences of quantum photons having different properties. Does the patient care which photons prompted their body to return back-to-normal?


30 million people in United States alone have pain for which “nothing worked” to provide relief.

Biologists say that light and photosynthesis are the basis for all life. They have now proven that photosynthesis is based upon quantum physics. They are beginning to unravel the quantum entanglement that makes biology work.

What if the “nothing worked” pain was an abnormal quantum entangled state, would it make sense for drugs, hormones, or surgeries to disentangle the problem?

Could 1, 2, or a sequence of quantum photons disentangle the quantum entanglement?


A reasonable chance to return back-to-normal?

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