Vari-Chrome™ Pro:


The Solution to Chronic Pain


Our Vision


A future where people are liberated from the restrictions of chronic pain.


Our Strategy


Devising a Modern Solution From Traditional Methods.

For centuries, societies have revered light and color for its healing properties. Our patented technology delivers non-invasive visible light that enables practitioners to prompt the body's ability to heal itself.

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Vari-Chrome Pro

The Vari-Chrome® Pro delivers wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum (all the colors in the rainbow) for therapy. Easy-to-use, the practitioner can now select different wavelengths to meet their patients needs.

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How We Got Here

While spending 18 years recording data and optimizing our therapy, we have been able to ease pain and improve functions of people underserved by previous attempts. Our bright idea was that improving impaired functions might relieve the need for pain. We welcomed people who were unexpected to improve. Many did! Our recordings invite and help answer new questions.

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Who We Are

PhotoMed's founder, Allan Gardiner, solved complex problems for 25 years as a mechanical engineer in manufacturing before he learned about light therapy. He quickly adopted a new life purpose: to solve chronic pain endured by his friends and neighbors that was not helped by existing resources.

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Understanding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans and their communities. One person with moderate or severe pain limits work, family, and community activities. Pain is a private experience that can't be shared to help others understand the agony and loss of hope. PhotoMed's mission aims to serve people with no previous path forward.

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The Lending Library Project

To help deliver care to underserved communities, we've teamed up with a non-profit organization to create the Lending Library Project. Tax-deductible donations enable the Project's to lend PhotoMed’s non-invasive tools to practitioners at no charge. The practitioners can then help 1,100 people per year if each of 20 tools helps one person per week.

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