Have you ever seen fresh exudates forming on a chronic wound?

Watch as Julie Hamilton, M.D. demonstrates the the Vari-Chrome° Pro. She applies a pre-programmed setting that varies the wavelength between orange and green.

This is her first day using the device. Listen to her comments and those made by Robert Hamilton, M.D. about observing fresh exudates in a wound that he had previously treated. The scene camera microphone picks up background sounds.

The clip is presented courtesy of Julie Hamilton, M.D. from HealingYourWound.com. The treatments were carried out at Prestige Regenerative Medicine, in Redding, CA.

The clip is from about three minutes after therapy began. The top-right image shows the wound with the wavelengths applied in the scene video. Green wavelengths provide increased contrast relative to orange/red wavelengths. Absorption of light may stimulate wavelength-specific wound factors to restart or accelerate healing. The lower-right thermal image shows the mentioned fresh exudates dripping from the wound.


Varying the wavelength during therapy lets the practitioner view fresh materials that may be visible at only some wavelengths. Darker areas absorb more of the illumination to provide contrast as therapy continues. This patient’s wound began exuding liquid that was not easily recorded by the camera, but was clearly visible to the human eye. You may be able to see the glistening drop below the wound that appears dark in the thermal image.

Drs. Julie and Robert Hamilton are the first to test the wound camera in PhotoMed’s Instant Feedback System™. The system tracks the precise wavelength illuminating each frame for later detailed examination. The thermal camera is an ICI 320x240 (9-11micron) camera. Higher resolution thermal cameras are available.

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