Have you ever seen fresh exudates forming on a chronic wound?

The color of wound features is important. The darker features absorb and may be stimulated by that color. The practitioner observes the colors of wound features and of the new material for clues of which wavelengths that may be needed. B&W camera sensors and images reduce artifacts common with RGB formats.

Wound Feature Visibility 2019-05-28.png

Watch as Julie Hamilton, M.D. demonstrates the Vari-Chrome® Pro. She applies a pre-programmed setting that varies the wavelength between green (560nm) and orange-red (630nm). Julie reports that she hadn’t previously seen exudates dripping from that wound before. The patient had been in her care for months.

This is her first day using the device. It is also the first field testing of the Instant Verification System™ wound module.

In the clip, Robert Hamilton, M.D. comments (off screen) about another patient with fresh exudates in a wound. Pause the video to observe wound features at different wavelengths.

The above images shows the wound at different wavelengths.

(In the video, please ignore the “pants on fire” on the observer in the background. The clips are presented as they were recorded.)

The clip is presented courtesy of Julie Hamilton, M.D. from (external link) HealingYourWound.com. The treatments were carried out at (external link) Prestige Regenerative Medicine, in Redding, CA.


Drs. Julie and Robert Hamilton were the first to demonstrate the ease at restarting wound healing using the Instant Verification System™.