Pain Affects Families and Communities

The grim statistics suggest that the pain will remain a long time. Pain-masking medications and invasive interventions help millions get on with a quality life.

Unfortunately, other millions do not respond as expected to existing technologies. They have no path forward because they are intentionally excluded from typical pain studies for lack of an expected response. Millions cannot work and depend upon their family & community to survive.

That is, until PhotoMed's team began testing its therapy in 2000.


PhotoMed's Therapy Addresses the "Nothing Works" Type of Pain

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) declares, "Chronic pain is considered a disease itself... and is resistant to most medical treatments." Millions have tried almost everything on the market without relief.

PhotoMed team invented its non-invasive therapy to solve this unresponsive pain and functional impairments. Our team sponsored clinics and studies that welcomed people who were unexpected to improve. We wanted to know who might be helped by our therapy. Our team developed and evolved its Instant Feedback Platform™ to record details of previously unseen events.

PhotoMed's testing revealed different responses to its therapy depending upon the type of the chronic pain or impairment:

  • Pain that was "managed" by pain-masking medications or invasive interventions could be eased but returned because the source of the pain signals continued to be active.

  • Slow-healing injuries were frequently accelerated by PhotoMed's non-invasive therapy.

  • The "nothing works" type of pain responded with an abrupt response that we now call a return-toward-normal function. The improved sensory and/or motor functions continued long after therapy ended (15 years and counting).

It took years of testing for PhotoMed's team to achieve today's efficiency of the Vari-Chrome™ Pro. Personalizing therapy using different colors increases the likelihood of benefit to the patient. Improving functions, usually symptoms, provide feedback to the practitioner within seconds to minutes of an effective treatment.

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