Together, we can shift the conversation about healing from impossible to measuring precisely when healing resumes.

By Allan Gardiner, Founder, PhotoMed Technologies

Non-healing Wounds


Non-healing and slow-healing wounds affect six million Americans. Current treatments can stall at any stage for unknown reasons.

PhotoMed's therapy prompts healing to resume. Changes in moist wounds become visible within minutes.


PhotoMed's outcome-based therapy prompts stalled wound healing to resume. Fresh new materials frequently become visible at some wavelengths within seconds to minutes. Traditional wound care can then manage the wound until healing stalls again.



A 65-year-old man's toe began to bleed after he picked off a dry scale. We used a smart phone to capture the image and video.

The video clip illustrates the visibility of fresh blood at different wavelengths. The fresh blood can be clearly observed when illuminated in blue through green to yellow wavelengths as compared with visibiliy in red wavelengths.


PhotoMed's therapy offers unique visibility of fresh materials, called exudates, in moist wounds and frequently become visible within about one minute after treatment begins.

Digital images of wounds taken with white light can easily be processed to enhance visibility of different materials. This series illustrates separation of RGB-R-G-B channels from a single digital image.



Foot wound

A 68-year-old woman with diabetes presented with a month-old expanding wound in her foot. She reported that her wounds were typically slow to heal. She reported that she had little sensation in her feet such that she had not noticed the wound for about the first week. She was receiving traditional care that was not able to stop wound expansion. The technician applied PhotoMed's therapy to her wound for a few minutes.

Subtle changes in the wound were barely visible in red light as simulated in the red channel. Fresh exudate became visible as the varying wavelengths were below about 600nm in the yellow-orange region.

The blue channel from still images taken during the session (@ t=0 min, 6 min, and 18 minutes) reveal the new material. The woman reported faster-than-expected healing at her next visit a week later.



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Updated: May 24, 2017



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