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Helping others is my life theme. Engineering is my method for solving complex problems. Curiosity led me down less-traveled paths lured by delightful discoveries. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think that way.

In my youth, it was my extended family members, friends, and neighbors who endured lasting effects from paraplegia, polio, or MS. Others had pain that stopped them in their tracks but they said they were “fine”. I saw opportunities to serve hands-on while others saw people disabled or defective.

I clearly remember the night in 8th grade that I began to see in 3D. My first pair of glasses gave me sense of depth, mysterious at first then taken for granted. I could hit, catch, and throw a ball like other kids. I was suddenly no longer the clumsy one. That first view of San Francisco twilight started my life-long interest in photography. Curiously, the pictures I took looked flat. The unexpected suddenness of my life-changing moment prepared me for observing the same transformational moment in others.

A love of discovery took me to UC Berkeley where I studied mechanical engineering. My sense of compassion directed me to volunteer my summers building a camp for disabled adults and children in the northern California coastal mountains. Alex Krem, the founder, taught Down Syndrome kids to read. That was the ‘60s when others thought he was crazy because they believed what he claimed to do was impossible. Kids like his are now mainstreamed. Alex’s tribulations prepared me for where I’m going next.

After earning my degree in 1970, I founded Kensington Laboratories, which was sort of a garage start-up, before we knew that term. My firm worked on solving microscopic examination problems by developing unique and economical tools. Business grew; success was the result. In 1998 I sold my interest in the company to my great partners and again followed curiosity down a less-traveled path. Two years later, they sold the company for $330 million. I’m glad I left when I did otherwise PhotoMed would not have happened. I might not have taken the road less traveled to meet the hundreds of volunteers in PhotoMed's studies who taught me so much.

My family and I founded and funded PhotoMed Technologies, patient-centered clinics, and studies aimed to make our therapy more effective and efficient. We rolled up our sleeves and our team created tools to record the steps taken to prompt resumption of innate functions.

Along our way, we collected 18 years of recordings that reveal the body's exquisite ability to restore itself. We are humbled to recognize that the astounding physiological responses merely mark the the beginning of a return toward normal function, called homeostasis.

Car waiting at a signal.The body does the work. PhotoMed's therapy provides the signal. We're grateful for the many volunteers who helped us develop our non-invasive solution.

The short time to observe a response, seconds to minutes, is a key to the success of PhotoMed's outcome-based methods.

Once returned to normal, the function and associated pain relief can continue for a lifetime, or less if there are biomechanical reasons.

My family and I are proud to introduce the next chapter in our lives. We invite YOU to participate. We've created a Lending Library to take PhotoMed's tools to underserved people. The Library project will loan the tools to practitioners at no charge. They can serve their communities. Our aim is to provide improved quality of life for people currently experiencing pain or impairments, including those rural or remote.


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Management Team

Allan Gardiner – Founder and CEO
Jake Gardiner - Vice President
Jean-Louis Lauront - Business Development (Europe)


D. Benjamin Borson, JD, PhD – Scientific and Legal Advisor
William J. Conard, MD - study in Sacramento, CA
Catherine Willner, MD - study in Durango, CO
Frederic P. Hyman, DDS - study in Great Barrington, MA
Richard Smith, MD - study in Orlando, FL
Ronald W. Wright, PhD
Betsy Alberty

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PhotoMed Technologies is a dedicated to finding non-invasive solutions to chronic pain and functional impairments.

Founded and funded as our family mission to help people with no path forward. We appreciate your donations and support. Allan Gardiner


New Frontiers

PhotoMed Technologies' methods and equipment open new areas for pain, biophysics, physiology, neuroscience and other areas of research.

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PhotoMed Technologies envisions a future when collaborating clinics, including those rural and remote, can offer their patients the most current non-invasive solutions developed by passionate practitioners and researchers around the globe.


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