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By Allan Gardiner, Founder, PhotoMed Technologies

Chronic Post-surgical Pain

By Allan Gardiner, PhotoMed Technologies, Founder


Chronic post-surgical pain presents as a new pain, including numbness or "phantom" pain, that remains uncontrolled after the surgery has healed. 2 - 10% of surgeries result in the new chronic pain.


Chronic post-surgical pain exemplifies pain that remains a mystery for its presence, intensity, and resistant to currently available interventions. PhotoMed's therapy introduces a solution for some people.


James entered Dr. Conard's program to learn to live with his pain. He volunteered for PhotoMed's study to learn if his pain could be relieved. (William Conard, M.D. runs the PhotoMed-sponsored study in Sacramento, California.)

James' 6-year ordeal with horrible back pain and surgeries ended during his second visit. Normal sensation returned and the pain stopped. Normal sensation returned to the previously numb area where rods and screws had been installed and later removed. He reported that his post-surgical pain was worse than his pre-surgical pain.


James offers insights into the problems facing parents with chronic pain. He had his kids to live for...

James tells about his additional pain from missing out being the Dad that he wanted to be. His kids were 6 and 8 at the time of the interview and was able to pick up his daughter for the first time while playing on the floor. His kids called him their "new dad."

This clip is from an emotional interview 10 weeks after his pain resolved.

Viewers note: Jerry's emotional recall of events may be too intense for people who are currently experiencing intractable pain.

Video 1 - James returns to the study to tell about his experiences with his surgery, medications, and inability to be the dad that he wanted to be.(1:56)


James tells his "before" story during his first visit (yellow shirt). James reported some relief from PhotoMed's Therapy during his first visit.

Curious to learn what happened after his first visit, I met James the following week for his second visit.

Monofilament testing uses different weight of fishing line to test touch sensitivityWe continued with PhotoMed's experimental methods for his post-surgical pain. (Red shirt) He was puzzled by the disappearance of his back pain and the return of normal touch sensations in the surgical site. (The monofilament tester, shown at right, is made from different weights of fishing line to apply calibrated forces on the skin.)

James continues to describe his new life a week later. (Dark shirt) (2:34)

Video 2 - Clips from interviews during his first (yellow shirt), second (red shirt), and third (dark shirt) visits.(2:34)


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Updated: May 24, 2017



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