Become a Pioneer

Watching chronic pain vanish is no longer an impossible dream.

PhotoMed’s team invented methods and tools that outfit pioneers to anticipate, prompt, and document their next big discoveries. Results, quick and complete, offer signposts for the next generation of pioneers. Everyone can now focus on the patient’s desired outcome – the end of chronic pain.

With the end of previously unresponsive chronic pain in sight, pioneers will write new chapters in preeminent textbooks on chronic pain. The chapters will describe the conclusion of pain in fine detail.

17+ years of PhotoMed’s empirical data suggest new questions and begin to answer others long-debated by scholars. New frontiers open up as years of pain vanish in the blink-of-an-eye. People with “ouchless” pain, such as paralysis, start moving again. Non-healing wounds begin healing immediately. What next?

Explorers depend upon their teams, their back-home cast, the research subject volunteers, and the people who fund the expeditions.

Become a pioneer.


Allan Gardiner, Founder

PhotoMed Technologies, Inc.

Updated: April 2, 2018



PhotoMed Technologies is a dedicated to finding non-invasive solutions to chronic pain and functional impairments.

Founded and funded as our family mission to help people with no path forward. We appreciate your donations and support.

Allan Gardiner

New Frontiers

PhotoMed's pioneering methods and equipment open new areas for pain, biophysics, physiology, neuroscience and other areas of research.

How can PhotoMed's team help you advance your mission?


PhotoMed Technologies envisions a future when collaborating clinics, including those rural and remote, can offer their patients the most current non-invasive solutions developed by passionate practitioners and researchers around the globe.

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