PDS 400™ Variable Wavelength Generator


The PDS 400™ Variable Wavelength Generator delivers a narrow band of visible wavelengths (pure rainbow colors) through two fiber-optic cables. It can selectively output any wavelength between 410 and 700 nm and frequency from 0 to 400Hz. The device can sweep between two wavelengths or continuously output a narrow band of wavelengths.


Output from the PDS 400™ light source can remain constant, like a laser or LED, or continuously vary.

PhotoMed's Rapid Discovery System™ provides precise control of wavelength, pulse frequency, brightness, and other parameters.


The PDS 400™ Generator can help you explore wavelength-dependent phenomena in vitro as well as in vivo. What would you like to discover?


An "ordinary" daffodil illustrates nature's exquisitely fine gradients in color absorption. The PDS 400 generator output was stepped in 1nm increments from 480 to 580nm. Changes at each step can easily be observed using a true black and white camera. Darker means that more light is being absorbed.


Updated: April 2, 2018



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