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Do you, a loved one, a neighbor, or a patient endure pain that just won't quit?


PhotoMed Technologies builds tools for pioneers who can now study the return of normal functions which can end chronic pain that is unresponsive to existing technologies. (NIH Infographic)


PhotoMed's team invented a solution to one of medicine's most urgent and challenging problems - unresponsive chronic pain. We are excited by the outcomes achieved in our patient-centered studies. PhotoMed's experimental therapy prompts innate functions and homeostasis to return which relieve pain and impairment.

PhotoMed’s research tools are ready to outfit pioneers who will open new areas of study and care. Just as did the microscope, X-ray, and MRI…


PhotoMed's experimental therapy prompts dramatic functional improvements using a slowly varying colored light. Watch light being applied to two locations.


PhotoMed-sponsored studies were the first to efficiently compare the effects of different wavelengths in a single person / visit. Today, outcomes typically become measurable within seconds to minutes of an effective treatment.


PhotoMed's team invented study methods that welcome "real-world" people with clinical disorders having little or no reasonable expectation of improvement.

The following examples introduce readers to concepts and possibilities not yet envisioned by textbooks on neuroscience, pain, or impairment.

Imagine that you are the first pioneer to observe these discoveries. How do you find words that convey what you observe to those who dismiss the possibilities? Please feel free to contact PhotoMed to discuss...


A Sampling of Successful Treatments   invites additional studies using PhotoMed's methods and tools.


Discovery science, such as PhotoMed's patient-centered studies, expands knowledge beyond the borders set by conventional wisdom. Failures frequently yield insights not revealed by successes.


From PhotoMed-sponsored studies:   Click the clinical disorder to view details.


Sensory disorders: Peripheral neuropathy affects 20 million Americans.

Movement disorders: PhotoMed's study method welcome people with rare disorders

Skin disorders: Skin disorders suggest involvement of the central and peripheral nervous systems.



These pioneering outcomes invite new research in neuroscience, pain, physiology, wound healing, and other fields.

Beyond our intentions or wildest expectations, PhotoMed's team solved one of medicine's greatest challenges - chronic pain that does not respond to existing technologies.

PhotoMed's studies demonstrate new areas of study and care. A few important findings:

The examples below reveal common features that could not be found through traditional studies that examine "management" of one disorder at a time.


You can help

You can help people like James, Josephine, George, and Helen.

Critically important, PhotoMed's methods and tools are now avilailable for clinics and studies aimed at restoring lives of people with no previous path forward.


Help by letting the millions who endure intractable pain know that chronic pain is no longer a life sentence:



Help PhotoMed and the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine begin to work together

PhotoMed and the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine ( aim to provide mutual support to achieve our missions;

Check out research (R & D) for plans.

Please make your tax-deductible donation to the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine for the “PhotoMed Project” which will help pioneers access PhotoMed’s tools.

Please talk to your tax advisor about donating cash or appreciated securities to NFIM. Please contact Allan Gardiner (510/  541/  9830) to make arrangements.



Please make a life-changing difference in people with intractable pain.


Allan Gardiner, Founder   (510/  541/  9830)

PhotoMed Technologies, Inc.

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PhotoMed's team also seeks individuals, organizations, and companies who want to advance care from the lab to clinics around the globe. Contact Allan to discuss spin-off opportunities.


PhotoMed Technologies is a dedicated to finding non-invasive solutions to chronic pain and functional impairments.

Founded and funded as our family mission to help people with no path forward. We appreciate your donations and support.

Allan Gardiner

New Frontiers

PhotoMed's pioneering methods and equipment open new areas for pain, biophysics, physiology, neuroscience and other areas of research.

How can PhotoMed's team help you advance your mission?


PhotoMed Technologies envisions a future when collaborating clinics, including those rural and remote, can offer their patients the most current non-invasive solutions developed by passionate practitioners and researchers around the globe.

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