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Our innovative therapy prompts rapid relief of intractable chronic pain. It is fast, easy to apply, and non-invasive. Our methods prompt measurable improvements toward normal function within 3 visits irrespective of duration, intensity, or previous failed interventions.

The experimental therapy is integral to PhotoMed Technologies discovery research tools which enable small clinics to address disorders previously thought to be intractable.

We seek individuals, organizations, and companies who wish to participate in moving care from lab to clinic. You can participate by supporting our mission to solve the most challenging disorders including intractable chronic pain.


What disorders does it address?

Results from PhotoMed Technologies non-invasive therapy are surprisingly fast and unprecedented across many completely different disorders, such as chronic post-surgical pain, stroke, neuropathies, sensory and movement disorders.

Highlights from more than 500 case studies using our discovery tools since 2000 suggest and encourage new areas of research:


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What is PhotoMed Technologies light therapy?

PhotoMed's experimental therapy applies slowly varying wavelengths (pure rainbow colors) to the skin that prompt the body to restore normal function and relieve pain.


Most of the time, the person does not feel the light.

Video 1: Clip of patient receiving PhotoMed's therapy. (10 seconds)



Video 2: Clip of patient receiving therapy. (21 seconds) He begins to feel new sensations in his feet that were numb for years.

How you can help!

My family and I (Allan Gardiner, Founder) funded all operations and patient-centered studies for the past 17 years. We need your help to continue moving forward.

YOU can help advance care from lab toward clinical access.

How you can help:

  • Spread the word: share the hope!
  • Provide funding
  • Find the next pioneers.


Please help us continue our study in September.
Here are our costs to continue our study in Sacramento, California: (no charge to enroll)
  • $300 enables one person with intractable pain to attend the study (1st 3 visits)
  • $2,800 pays for the study renewal fees
  • $13,000 pays for insurance
  • $53,000 keeps the study running for a year

$20/$50/$100. Any amount will help.



Checks are welcome, too:

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Allan Gardiner, PhotoMed Technologies, Founder

Updated: July 21, 2017


PhotoMed Technologies™ is dedicated to finding non-invasive solutions to chronic pain and functional impairments associated with the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Please support continuation of our study in Sacramento, CA.


New Frontiers

PhotoMed Technologies' methods and equipment open new areas for pain, biophysics, physiology, neuroscience and other areas of research.

How can PhotoMed's team help you advance your mission?



PhotoMed Technologies envisions a future when collaborating clinics, including those rural and remote, can offer their patients the most current non-invasive solutions developed by passionate practitioners and researchers around the globe.


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