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Lending Library Project


Vari-Chrome™ Pro

What makes PhotoMed Technologies' therapy different?

Woman presenting the Vari-Chrome Pro.


Image of the Vari-Chrome Pro hand held light therapy device

We believe that the body knows how to heal itself, sometimes with a little help. Societies have revered light and color for its healing properties for centuries, and we build on that knowledge. Now, it's called photobiomodulation therapy.

The Vari-Chrome™ Pro efficiently delivers light from all visible wavelengths (precise rainbow colors), a few at a time. Personalizing therapy by changing colors may improve the likelihood of benefit to the patient.

It's easy to use with 5 pre-programmed settings that continuously vary the wavelength during therapy. Each program delivers a different part of the visible spectrum.

The Vari-Chrome™ Pro manual mode lets practitioners efficiently select any wavelength from deep red to violet. The wavelength remains steady like the LEDs used in thousands of studies.


Comparison of LED one wavelength vs. the Vari-Chrome Pro 240 wavelengths.


How does the therapy work?

The Vari-Chrome™ Pro is currently in testing, we're accepting pre-orders with a significant early-bird discount. Contact Allan Gardiner about our Technology Access Plan.


What is PhotoMed's mission?

PhotoMed Technologies was founded, in 2000, and funded by Allan Gardiner and his family. Their mission aimed to solve certain types of pain that remain unresponsive to previous technologies. PhotoMed sponsored clinics and studies to discover which disorders might respond to its therapy. The lengthy development and testing included people with no reasonable expectation of improvement. Many improved rapidly as their impaired sensory or motor functions began to return toward normal.

The company is seeking funding, partnerships, and companies who may wish to take a new product to market.

The Gardiner family mission also includes developing ways to provide access to the therapy by people who live in underserved communities. To begin that aim, they teamed up with the L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope to create the Lending Library Project. Tax-deductible donations to the Haven of Hope will enable the Project to lend PhotoMed's tools to practitioners at no charge. Click to learn more.


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