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Rapid Discovery System with two cameras and Vari-Chrome Pro

Figure 1 - The Rapid Discovery System™ enables small clinics to make world-changing discoveries. It integrates management of treatments with real-time data recording to anticipate, prompt, and document physiologic responses that mark an effective treatment. The base model provides a work flow using thermal imaging for feedback. A 14-bit monochrome camera (3096x2080) records wounds during therapy.


Opening new areas of research and care

The microscope, x-ray, MRI, fetal ultrasound, and other imaging technologies opened new areas of research and care. Similarly, PhotoMed Technologies research tools open research of previously invisible phenomena at the conclusion of years of chronic pain. Our methods aim to converge on treatment parameters which prompt a return-toward-normal function for each disorder endured by each person.

The Rapid Discovery System enables researchers to efficiently anticipate, prompt, and document outcomes for each visit. We call this "discovery research."

For example, the PDS 400 Variable Wavelength Generator enables efficiently test:

Our discovery methods enabled our team to converge on solutions to unresponsive chronic pain.


PhotoMed Technologies solutions

The development of PhotoMed Technologies methods and Rapid Discovery System yielded a treasure trove of seemingly disparate cases. The collection covers 17 years and six separate small clinics.

On closer examination, the disorders may all be associated by their functional impairments, called symptoms. See Figure 2.


sDisorders that responded to PhotoMed's therapy during the first or second.

Figure 2 - Disorders that responded with improved functions during the first to third visit. PhotoMed Technologies sponsored patient-centered studies to test and make its non-invasive light therapy more effective and efficient for prompting a return of normal function. "Real-world" volunteers were welcomed with disorders having a low expectation of improvement based upon the person's previous attempts.



Return-toward-normal functions

Our team combined its non-invasive therapy with imaging technologies to open entirely new areas of neuroscience, pain, physiology, and other fields of research.

Now, the next generation of pioneers can explore previously invisible phenomena at the moment when impaired functions return to normal and chronic pain concludes. Physiologic responses to PhotoMed's therapy typically become measurable within seconds to minutes. See Figure 3.


Figure 3 - The Rapid Discovery System™ enables small clinics to make world-changing discoveries. This man suffered uncomfortably cold hands for 30 years before resuming normal comfortable function after treatment with PhotoMed Technologies non-invasive therapy. Responses, if any, typically become measurable within seconds to minutes.

Click to watch the video. (15 minutes compressed to 11 seconds)


Just as the microscope, x-ray, and MRI opened new areas of medical research and care, PhotoMed Technologies research tools reveal temporal and spatial details surrounding the precise moment when unresponsive chronic pain ends and normal functions resume.




Rapid Discovery System™ - Modules


The Rapid Discovery System™ integrates:


PhotoMed's team designs and writes the software to meet custom data acquisition needs. We can customize your Rapid Discovery System™ to integrate additional sensors and user input screens for:


The Rapid Discovery System™ supports patient-centered studies in small clinics, traditional blinded studies, and graduate research.


Imagine the possibilities when collaborating clinics are sharing the most current solutions developed around the world.


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PhotoMed Technologies' methods and equipment open new areas for pain, biophysics, physiology, neuroscience and other areas of research.

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